Research and Development (R&D) Group was established to help Miteng provide the best quality engineering services for its clients through utilizing the cutting edge technology in engineering.

Finite element analysis, design, optimization, and modeling of transmission line steel structures have been the primary research areas.

Following the global demand on renewable energy resources, it also targeted to develop efficient and reliable structures to be used in wind farms, solar panel fields and other energy production facilities.

The engineering tools developed by the R&D group not only increase the efficiency of the firm but also expand its area of expertise in the market.

Planning and organization of transmission line tower structures full scale load tests are also placed in the scope of R&D group.

In 2013, Miteng completed a 2 year R&D project supported by TÜBİTAK on developing structural optimization techniques for design of transmission towers. Being granted an office space in METU Technopark, Miteng continues to invest on R&D projects. Some of the key topics are optimization of tower foundations,developing steel and concrete pole towers and automation tools for developing and 3D modeling of tower structures.