Miteng’s engineering and professional team consist of 30 highly-skilled professionalsAll engineering and detailing of lattice transmission towers, poles and their foundation are all conducted in house to provide solutions for the most complicated tower designs. Tall crossing towers, transmission towers from 33kV up to 500kV, foundations in rough terrains are common design works that are performed by Miteng and placed in our references list successfully. The design products that we prepare for our clients can be listed as design calculations, assembly drawings, shop drawings, line route, structure list, and construction documents. Our design activities in the office are certified by ISO 9001.


  • Line routing, tower spotting, conductor mechanical design
  • Site survey and Terrain modelling
  • Development of loading trees, Sag tension calculations
  • Transmission tower design 33-500kV, for various phase orientation including guyed towers
  • Pole design
  • Substation structure design
  • Foundation design